Founded by Bob Childress in 2006, The Lewis & Clark circus was Childress’s second show in the circus business. After successfully operating the Hendricks Bros. Circus from 1994 until 2006.

With the new show, Childress wanted to tour a smaller more intimate production. Allowing the whole show to move on pick-up trucks.

In 2013, Childress sold the Lewis & Clark Circus to circus performers, Lena, and Vandier Reis, who continue to operate it today.


Falling in love on the Clyde Beatty – Cole Bros. Circus, Lena a Circus performer and Vandeir a professional dancer found themselves one day asked if they wanted to own a circus?!

And now after one circus purchase, two kids and thousands of shows later. The Lewis & Clark Circus has carved itself into one of America’s Great Family Circuses.