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The Lewis and Clark Circus was founded in 2006 by Bob Childress. In 2013, Childress sold the Lewis and Clark Show to circus performers, Olena and Vandeir Reis, who continue to operate it today.

Lena and Vandier met in 2003 and fell in love while on tour with the Clyde Beatty- Cole Bros, Circus, Lena, originally from Ukraine, worked as an aerialist and Vandeir, originally from Brazil, worked as a professional acrobat, found themselves with the opportunity to buy a circus.

And now, after one circus purchase, 11 years on the road and thousands of shows later, they are sharing a circus life, full of adventures with their two beautiful children. The Lewis and Clark, by traveling though the 10 to 15 states per season, have a show in 100+ towns, has earned its place as one of America’s Greatest Family Circuses.

They live in a small town called Liberty, South Carolina. Coming from a small town they understand how important community is. That is why they try to partner with local nonprofit organizations that are working hard to make a difference in their communities. 

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